Hot Home Décor Trends This Year

On 19th Apr 2018

We’ve made some predictions for the hottest home décor trends of this year, featuring some inspiring interior design ideas for living rooms and bedrooms – a great way to accessorise your Natici furniture.

Hopefully these astonishing new looks will capture your attention as much as they did ours!


Tropical prints (and plants!)

The trend that started last year is still in fashion and growing strong. Almost every urban interior designer out there is passionate about the swiss cheese plant and palm leaves print. The tropical print is summery, exotic and electrifying! Many tropical prints are carnival enthused, vibrant and lush. Besides, mixing some bright, opulent colours together can achieve a very refreshing and striking look.

A combination of rich green colours against light-coloured furniture will add to your home’s stylish look. Additionally, bright tropical prints can very well stand out against darker shades; navy or charcoal walls and furniture.

Start by decorating your living-room with various prominent, exotic, vibrant patterns that will make you feel like you are on a vacation. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and add some real-life plants for more theatrical effect!

Deep colours


It’s time to introduce new bold colours to your home! Bravely coloured furniture pieces are particularly in trend, with brightly coloured sofas embellishing boring and lifeless living rooms. And don’t leave out the walls - adding colour here will only add to your living room’s stylish appeal!

After all, daring interiors are more popular than ever, and with spring here and summer on the way what better time to experiment with ways to achieve that mesmerising look with use of rich, pigmented shades!

Metallic colours

Be bold and brassy… with brass! Although, rose gold, silvers, and bronze remain fashionable, brass is gaining more popularity for its sophisticated, organic metallic tone.

Many great urban décor pieces are now framed with brass metal, fashioning more expensive look. Brass mirrors, accessories, and furniture can add a luxurious finish to any interior arrangement. And as another plus, you won’t have to break the bank to achieve this new look, you can simply purchase few inexpensive brass accessories and get that stylish sophisticated charm.




Marble décor has become an ultimate go-to trend in 2018 – you just need to check out Pinterest to see all the hype with marble inspired interior décor!

Marble effect finish has especially gained its appeal in home accessories this season. Marble furniture, lamps, even marble print bed-linen and wallpaper, are becoming massive hits.

If you’re looking for more affordable solution to a natural marble, you can find all sorts of marble print substitutes, provided by a vast number of designers and retailers.